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I’m going to the hospital I guess idk

Bye I guess

Fuck it. Fucking fuck it what’s stopping me

I forgot I had coffee

I don’t have anything to drink

I’m so stupid this is such a little fight but it hurts it really hurt

They wouldn’t notice until a day later

Hahah kind of eyeing my Prozac
There’s over 400mg left

And now they’re just having a nice conversation outside fuck you fuck you fuck you

Why the fuck do I try I know they hate me why do I fucking try

I’m alone all day every day I’m sorry for wanting to have a conversation every once and a while

Ok just scream at me when I’m trying to apologize for my accidentally saicy tone. Scream at me for removing myself from the situation
That fine


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Talks to parents
They don’t even respond or give any indicating that they heard me




"And just what the hell am I supposed to do with these?"

"I requested minions of darkness, and you gave my fluffy jellybeans."